Mosaic Report July 12th 2006

What should we do about North Korea and Iran?


North Korea

North Korea is a threat to our national security. Their long-range missiles will soon be able to reach the West Coast of the United States (probably within the next 5 years). Even though North Korea will not likely ever attempt to hit the U.S., the fact that they would be ABLE to do so will hurt our economy. It will cause Wall Street to get nervous and citizens will spend less money and thus lead us to a recession.

President Bush is trying to get other nations to go with us to the negotiating table with North Korea. This is fine for now. But we have to be careful we don’t head down the road that Clinton took us down which is why we are precisely in this position today. What we have done is kept giving the N. Korean government money so they would abandon their weapons programs. The money they have taken from the U.S. is what they’ve been using to further their aspirations of attaining weapons of mass destruction.

This is the same thing we’ve been doing with Iran. We give them money, and they say they aren’t developing weaponry. Americans are trusting people and to a fault. We have to learn that leaders who operate on starvation and oppression of their people are not logical human beings. Those leaders who have a lust for power and murder must be taken out. If that means we have to become the “world’s police”, as liberals put it, then so be it. A nation with as much power as ours needs to do what is right and sometimes protect the people of other nations from their own corrupt leaders. Unlike what the liberals think, we need to address countries that are first bent on the destruction of the United States and also any country that wants the annihilation of Israel.


North Korea

What we should do and what we will do are two different things.
As you may know, China has put the brakes on the U.N. beginning any sanctions against N. Korea. They have taken a stand against the U.S. and are trying to make it difficult for us to take any action against Kim Il. You also may know that the Japanese and the Chinese have a long-standing hatred against each other. What we should do is have a secret meeting with the Chinese government and tell them if they try to hinder us in any way, we will give nuclear secrets to Japan and help them facilitate their own nuclear program. If the Chinese like having their allies having nukes, then we like having our allies having them too! This would infuriate the Chinese government but they would also immediately stop helping the North Koreans simply out of fear of Japan having “The Bomb”. This would all be done diplomatically as Bush desires. Korea would buckle without support from China which is where N. Korea gets the vast majority of their oil.


Iran should be dealt with differently then N. Korea and differently then we’ve dealt with Iraq. Many U.S. Generals are telling the President that we cannot effectively handle another war. They say we are extended (not over extended as many liberals try to say) to a degree that we could not sustain another war. They are partly correct. We couldn’t take on another war doing the same thing that we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is because it would be difficult to deploy more ground troops. What we should do is make this an “Air Only” war. In Iraq we had to deploy ground troops in order to find and take Sadaam out of power. If we fly into Iran and bomb all their military installations and government buildings… the people of Iran will take over the country themselves. What the liberal news media isn’t telling you is that the vast majority of Iranians are AGAINST the present Iranian government. We should bomb any nuclear facilities, missile installations and take out their complete air force. We did this in Iraq in the first few days of the second gulf war. Our action should be swift and our casualties would be few. The present Iranian government would be defenseless against it’s neighbors and the Iranian people would take control. We’d make it known that any new government that takes over which doesn’t want to be allies with us will meet the same fate.

Of course the liberals would cry foul as they always do, but that’s because they don’t want America to succeed. They are rooting against us. We desperately need to bring back the penalty for treachery and sedition but we’ll leave that topic for another day.
You may ask yourself what right do we have to act as the “world’s police”. I would remember the quote below…

Captain Delaplace, Commandant at Fort Ticonderoga, New York, on May 10, 1775, gazed at Allen in bewildered astonishment.  “By whose authority do you act?” exclaimed he.   “In the name of the great Jehovah, and the Continental Congress!” replied Allen.
   - Ethan Allen
     (1738–1789) American officer in Revolutionary War, associated with early Vermont

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